Ascent | Why the Psalms of Ascent? May 14-20

Journeying through the Psalms of Ascent . . .
PSALM 120 - 134  

In ancient Israel when travelers made a pilgrimage to the temple, they would sing songs - the Psalms of Ascent.  During their journey, these songs filled them with a holy anticipation for the presence of God.

As the Church of Lane County, we are preparing for our own “Ascent” - a week of community worship & prayer.  We’ll journey through the same Psalms.  We’ll draw close to the Lord together in worship and devotion.  And we’ll give ourselves to prayer for our community - that many would come to know Jesus. 

Starting Monday, May 14th, we’ll gather for 5 days of morning and evening prayer:
Every day will be hosted at a new church.  Each morning and evening gathering will be hosted by a different local pastor, focusing on the next Psalm.  Find every location on the flipside, or on our website.

Then on Saturday, May 19th, we’ll climb four high points in Eugene & Springfield to praise from the mountaintops.

And finally, on Sunday, May 20th, we’ll celebrate the goodness of God at Community-Wide Worship.  Together, hundreds of us from many traditions and backgrounds, will lift up one voice.

Let your voice be heard in Ascent and Community-Wide Worship.