Pastors' & Leaders'
ANNUAL Prayer Summit

Annually, the Pastors & Ministry Leaders' Prayer Summit provides a place for honest and deep relationships to grow among leaders, and a wonderful time of refreshing for the year ahead. Leaders spend three days in Cannon Beach together with no other agenda than to be with God and one another. 

This year's Prayer Summit is Monday, January 29th - Wednesday, January 31st, 2018.

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At the Prayer Summit, pastors and leaders spend plenty of time in worship and prayer, laugh much, carry each others burdens, make new friends, and enjoy being together around good meals. They have time to rest and be still, meditate on the Word, receive from God, and pray together for our community.

When 50+ leaders spend three days together with God, the number of divine connections, one-on-one conversations, moments with God, prayer times and laughs is nearly impossible to quantify. Measurable or not, the Prayer Summit is undoubtedly an invaluable time for leaders; and as a result, the people they lead and the community where we live, benefit!

Together Seek the Lord

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Monday, January 29th - Wednesday, January 31st, 2018.

“At the pastors’ prayer summits on the Oregon coast, I met pastors who have been praying for years for the coming together of Christians and churches in our community - all for the sake of the Gospel. My participation in One Hope has enabled me to experience some of God’s amazing answers to those prayers firsthand. Thank you One Hope.”
— - Ricky Poon, Senior Pastor, Eugene Chinese Christian Church

The summit enriched our staff team by spending a few days disconnecting from the hectic world of ministry. Our time together was not “ministry shop talk,” which tends to be the environment of a conference. We experienced the joy the relaxation in the context of prayer.
— Steve Hill, Senior Pastor, Grace Community Fellowship