"The Lord gave the command; a great company of women brought the good news." - Psalm 68:11

One Hope Women is for Christ-following women in leadership positions and pastors wives. This includes women's ministry leaders, female pastors, outreach coordinators, Bible study teachers, women who lead para-church ministries, and women who are in positions of leadership in our community. 

MEETING UPDATE: The date of the next One Hope Women gathering is to be determined. All is well, but the One Hope Women Team has decided to take extra time to pray, fast and seek the Lord for the next season. Please call, email or text Kristy and the team, they are happy to pray for you!

One Hope Women gathers women monthly to build relationships, pray for one another, and pray for our community.  Women in leadership positions are also invited to our Monthly Pastors' & Ministry Leaders Prayer Gathering, but One Hope Women provides another place for deeper friendship and connection.  Come expecting to be encouraged and meet new sisters in Christ! 

Email Kristy McIntyre at to receive email updates.

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One Hope Women is now prayer walking!  Our next step in joining together in prayer is to prayer walk the areas relating to our monthly prayer focus.  Ask the Lord where He would have you prayer walk and then post it on our Facebook Group page so that others can join you.