An Administrator's Perspective on Project Hope

Last summer, a high school principal asked to thank the congregation that serves her school during Project Hope on a Sunday morning. Here are a few highlights of what she had to say about Project Hope, and what she asked of the Church:
"At the end of August, you all show up in mass for what’s called Project Hope. Please know, painting, weeding and power washing… when you come in and do that for us, it’s like cleaning our home. [It’s valuable because] the first budget cuts came as far away from the classroom as possible, but it devastated our maintenance crew. It’s like creating a space for my kids and my staff to come into a place that’s well cared for, pretty & nice. It just feels like a good place to be. And I can’t thank you enough. Thank you for creating a home for us.“

“And I’m going to ask you for something: To pray for us. Please pray that our journey would be guided by truth and light, and that we would have the wisdom and grace to do our work with integrity and love. And for humility.”

BJ Blake
Eugene School District 4J