“Saturday, we had about 90 people over at Holt Elementary working together. Only about 30 of those folks were from our two churches – the rest were our neighbors.  Three of those couples are coming to my house Monday for a BBQ. Everyone who came expressed deep thanks for the chance to serve together, and a desire to do more … the principal, one of the School Groundskeepers, and the School volunteer coordinator were all left speechless at the level of support they felt … one of them who works on grounds for 4J was misty eyed telling me how all the churches serving the schools were a God Send. The Kindergarten teacher sent a card thanking us for showing the love of Jesus to her co-workers.  As far as tasks, our volunteers blew us away with what they managed to accomplish … amazing.  What a tremendous feeling to know that as we raked and weeded, many others were doing the same in the name of Jesus all around town.

Sunday … the response of people in need broke me.  As I walked and prayed through the lines, all I could do was cry out to Jesus to save our city.  As I watched our brothers and sisters in Christ hand out water and cookies and popcorn and food, serving shoes and socks and school supplies, simply loving and smiling and praying with those waiting in the heat, all I could think of was Jesus’ words in Matthew 25 about the “least of these.”

Pastor Aaron Box
North Park Community Church