“65 Students and Staff from New Hope Christian College served on Saturday for Project Hope at the High School. We did many different jobs from landscaping to window washing. It was just an incredible time. The principal directed our team to various sights around the extensive campus. She was amazed with the NHCC students ability to get tasks done with a level of excellence.

The experience was so positive for our students that many of the New Hope students said they wanted to come back to the High School not just to work but also to develop relationships with the students.

I must say that the highlight for our team was at the end of the work day when all 65 of us gathered around the principal and prayed for her and the school. (after the prayer she said she wanted to see if she could send us football tickets so we could come and support the student and the school).

It was a tremendous opportunity for our students to be involved in Project Hope and we certainly want to do it next year.”

Steve Poetzl
Former Director of Student Life
New Hope Christian College