Every Child

In response to Jesus' command to care for the most vulnerable and the great need in our community, churches are stepping forward to transform our community through radical and unprecedented support of children and families in crisis.

The mission: to recruit and train community members to love, care for, and support vulnerable children and their families within DHS and before they enter DHS foster care.

Every Child recruits, screens, and trains caring community members to support vulnerable children and families through DHS hospitality, adult education, prevention efforts, meeting tangible needs, and foster family recruitment and support. 

Though not everyone can care for at-risk children directly, we can all do something to care for our community's children and families. There are lots of ways for everyone to get involved!

Or email info@everychildlane.org for more information!


  • Hospitality - Supporting DHS Staff
    Our first responders to children and families in crisis in our community—DHS staff—have some of the most challenging jobs. Appreciation from community members lifts spirits and strengthens the agency and their work with our most vulnerable children.
  • Tangible Needs & Welcome Boxes
    Provide special items for children in foster care by meeting emergency needs or donating Welcome Boxes. Small photo boxes filled with comfort items, hygiene supplies, toys and snacks, occupy children waiting at child welfare offices during a time of greatest vulnerability.
  • Family Support
    Supporting those who are loving on kids. Volunteers wrap around foster and respite families, providing much needed relational and tangible support.
  • Prevention Efforts
    Holistic care for vulnerable children and families in Lane County requires stabilizing families who’ve experienced crisis before DHS Child Welfare needs to get involved. Prevention efforts happen through CAFA's Safe Families.
  • Foster Care
    In Lane County there is a crisis shortage of foster families. Regularly siblings are split up, children bounce from one home to another, and current foster families are overextended. Stable families are stepping in to meet this need.

Every Child soft-launched in the summer of 2016; DHS hospitality and office makeovers are happening, churches are holding orientations, and the first trainings are being scheduled.


·  Over 20 churches are engaged by way of giving, volunteering, training people, fostering children, offering tangible goods or DHS hospitality.

·  More than 150 people have been trained to care for children in foster care through Every Child’s training that began in August.

·  DHS now has stockpiles of welcome boxes, waiting for kids who newly enter foster care.

· The Gateway, Willamette St. and West 11th DHS office visitation rooms have all received makeovers by multiple local churches!

·  Six churches joined resources and manpower to transform all 12 visitation rooms at the Willamette Street DHS office in October! Now kids can meet with their biological parents in a hopeful & inviting environment.

Every Child is an initiative, modeled after, and in partnership with Embrace Oregon in Portland. Though it reaches well beyond One Hope, we are serving as a backbone organization for this collaborative effort.