Affordable Housing Collaboration

Purpose:  Rallying churches and community partners, in collaboration with local initiatives, to create more accessible affordable housing units.


Awareness Video: Lives changed through housing + community 


Goal:  Increase long-term collaboration among God’s people to help address the affordable housing crisis + provide a variety of ways for churches to participate.

Email if you'd like more information about the collaborative team. 

Three strategic areas for churches + businesses to be part of the solution:

Click here for the 3 solutions overview. 

1) Supervised Overnight Parking Program

An immediate, low maintenance, safe and legal solution a church or business can provide transitional shelter.  In partnership with St Vincent de Paul. 

Learn more hereFull resource packet here.  

2) Landlord Network

Landlords networking to create best practices and strategy to participate in affordable housing solutions.  Further collaboration needed.  Learn more!

3) Tiny Homes + Tiny Community Development Team

Partners developing and implementing strategy to create tiny homes (single units & communities).  Further collaboration needed.  Learn more!